Getting StartedLast updated: 2020-09-25

Welcome to the BigDevBox documentation. Please see the following sections on how to get started with the client and developing software with the image. If you have any questions or see any missing information please don’t hesitate to contact support.


  • 64-bit Mac, Windows, or Linux machine.
  • AWS account, access key, and secret with permissions to create IAM Roles, VPCs, and EC2 instances.
  • Public SSH key loaded into your ssh-agent or a public key located under ~/.ssh/.


Download the Mac, Windows, or Linux Binary.


Older versions are available on the Changelog Page.


You must complete the AWS Required Setup before anyone in your organization can use your AWS account with BigDevBox.

Mac & Linux Setup

Place the binary in your path as bigdevbox and make it executable.

$ curl -s > bigdevbox
$ sudo mv bigdevbox /usr/local/bin/bigdevbox 
$ sudo chmod a+x /usr/local/bin/bigdevbox

Windows Setup

Place the binary in your path as bigdevbox.exe and make it executable.

  1. Create the %USERPROFILE%\.bigdevbox\bin directory and move the binary to it. You may either use the windows explorer or a command prompt like so.
    > mkdir %USERPROFILE%\.bigdevbox\bin 
    > move %USERPROFILE%\Downloads\bigdevbox_1.1.0_windows_amd64.exe %USERPROFILE%\.bigdevbox\bin\bigdevbox.exe
  2. Open the System Properties Control Panel.
    Open the System Properties Control Panel.
    Open the System Properties Control Panel.
  3. Select the Environment Variables button.
    Select Environment Variables.
    Select Environment Variables.
  4. Select the Path user environment variable and click the Edit... buton.
    Select the Path and Click Edit.
    Select the Path and Click Edit.
  5. Click the New button and add %USERPROFILE%\.bigdevbox\bin.
    Add the path to the bigdevbox binary.
    Add the path to the bigdevbox binary.
  6. Use a terminal emulator of your choice to interact with the bigdevbox binary. We've tested with the Windows Terminal.

Required Setup

Some first time setup is required for BigDevBox to work within your AWS account.

  1. Initialize the IAM Role globally. This creates a bigdevbox-admin role for the instance to run as.
  2. $ bigdevbox init iam
    Creating Global IAM Role
    Successfully created IAM Role and policies
  3. Initialize a VPC for each region you plan to run in. This creates a segregated vpc for the instance.
  4. $ bigdevbox init vpc -r us-west-2
    Creating VPC
    VPC Creation Complete - CREATE_COMPLETE
    The bigdevbox vpc is now ready to use


If you encounter an error containing The AWS Access Key Id needs a subscription for the service while initializing the vpc you may need to finish setting up or verifying your AWS account.


You can verify the integrity of the downloaded binary via the following example and checksums.

$ curl -sO
$ curl -sO
$ cat bigdevbox_1.1.0_SHA256SUMS
21dfe240babdf8091827742c336c228aaf21f148478303c7533210573664ce08  ./bigdevbox_1.1.0_darwin_amd64
af0a59eb87cca202e78f5978c5a6ec25851afe850c323174fa46c4f81cb30836  ./bigdevbox_1.1.0_linux_amd64
025d8cb5ace722ae5a0a520488fe32bfe298c32b0917f74ed971996e6b0f9330  ./bigdevbox_1.1.0_windows_amd64.exe
$ sha256sum -c --ignore-missing bigdevbox_1.1.0_SHA256SUMS
./bigdevbox_1.1.0_darwin_amd64: OK

The checksum file is also signed by the BigDevBox Public Key. You can verify it using the example below.

$ curl -sO
$ curl -sO
$ curl -sO
$ gpg --import bigdevbox_public.asc 
gpg: key 76C4FCE6B9D76E95: public key "BigDevBox Keys <>" imported
gpg: Total number processed: 1
gpg:               imported: 1
$ gpg --verify bigdevbox_1.1.0_SHA256SUMS.sig bigdevbox_1.1.0_SHA256SUMS
gpg: Signature made Tue Sep 15 20:06:43 2020 UTC
gpg:                using RSA key 1FE707338BD64A6B60444E9976C4FCE6B9D76E95
gpg:                issuer ""
gpg: Good signature from "BigDevBox Keys <>" [unknown]
gpg: WARNING: This key is not certified with a trusted signature!
gpg:          There is no indication that the signature belongs to the owner.
Primary key fingerprint: 1FE7 0733 8BD6 4A6B 6044  4E99 76C4 FCE6 B9D7 6E95

CLI UsageLast updated: 2020-09-29

BigDevBox Instances are controlled primarily by the bigdevbox binary. You can find installation instructions above.

Global Options

Short ArgLong ArgDescriptionDefault
-r--regionControls which AWS region you’re executing the command against. See the AWS Section for more information on valid regions and
-b--box-nameDefines or selects a box name to operate on. For commands which act across a region this option can act as an optional filter.User Name
-c--configSee Init Config for more information on the contents of the file.~/.bigdevbox/config
-v--verboseControls the level of verbosity. Can be configured based on the number of times it is added. The default level is Error with each additional verbose command increasing the level. For example bigdevbox -vvvv will configure the client to emit all logs up to the maximum level, Trace.
--skip-update-checkSkips normal update checks. The client checks for and notifies when a new update is available. It uses a cache file, located at .bigdevbox/update_cache in the home directory, to limit checks to only once every 60 minutes.


Creates a new BigDevBox Instance

$ bigdevbox create

Creating instance
Created alice
Waiting for instance to boot
Instance is now available

For ease of use, it’s suggested that any options that should override defaults be configured in the configuration file.

Short ArgLong ArgDescriptionDefault
-t--instance-typeSee the AWS Section for a list of recommendations and supported instance typesm5.large
-d--diskDisk size in Gb for the EBS volume provisioned for the instance. A minimum size of 8Gb is recommended. AWS allows a maximum size of 16 Tb. Be aware that even while an instance is stopped you’ll continue to pay for an EBS volume.32
--amiAllows a different AMI to be selected. See the output of list-amis for available AMIs. While non-BigDevBox AMIs can be selected they are not guaranteed to work.Latest
--dotfilesDefines a remote git repository to run on the first login. See the Sample Repository for an example and the Dotfiles Section for more information.
-e--emailSets the git email address for use when committing.
--git-nameSets the git author name (Ex. "Alice Smith") for use when committing.
-m--marketSets the market type of the instance. Spot instances are roughly 50-75% less expensive than on-demand instances however they can be stopped at any time if there isn’t enough capacity. From experience this can be anywhere from 0-8 times per month and have durations between seconds and minutes. Instances are started again automatically when enough capacity is available. Accepts 'spot' or 'market'.spot
--spotSets the market type of the instance to "spot"
--on-demandSets the market type of the instance to "on-demand"
--ssh-configAdds or updates the ~/.ssh/config file to include an entry for the newly created host. This is useful for making connections to VSCode and directly connecting without the use of the BigDevBox client. For example scp bigdevbox-alice:some-file ./true
-k--ssh-keysSets the public key to use for SSHing to the target machine. Takes a quoted string. Ex: "ssh-rsa AAA..."The output of ssh-add -L
--idle-stopThe the time a box can run idle without terminal commands or logins before it automatically stops.14400
-z--zone-idOptional Zone ID to update route53 DNS entries on boot. Creates an A record that points to the IP address. Example:
--vpcSets the AWS VPC to use. Accepts VPC IDs, "default", and "bigdevbox". BigDevBox needs a VPC configured with a bigdevbox security group in order to create the instance.bigdevbox


SSHs to any running instance, you can see which instances are running via the List Command. Or start a stopped instance via the Start Command. If necessary you can ssh to a running instance directly as well. Example: ssh ubuntu@bigdevbox-alice

$ bigdevbox ssh -b alice

SSHing to instance


Stops a running BigDevBox instance. Data stored on the EBS volume will persist between stop and start operations. While there’s no cost for a stopped instance the EBS volume will continue to incur hourly fees and the instance will still count against your AWS limits.

$ bigdevbox stop -b alice

Stopping instance
Stopped Instance: alice


Starts a stopped BigDevBox instance. Data stored on the EBS volume will persist between stop and start operations.

$ bigdevbox start -b alice

Starting instance
Waiting for instance to boot
Instance started


Destroys a BigDevBox instance.


Data stored on the EBS volume will be permanently destroyed.

$ bigdevbox destroy -b alice

Destroying instance
Destroyed Instance: alice


Creates an SSH tunnel to a running VNC server. If running OSX it will also attempt to open a VNC Session with the following clients in order.

  • TigerVnc (Recommended) - Provides screen resizing, raw keyboard, and passwordless authentication. Download
  • RealVnc - May offer better keyboard customization options. Download
  • Screen Sharing (OS X Default) - Installed automatically on OS X.

If you prefer to use your own VNC client you can connect manually. The client will print a connection string including the host, port, and password (bigdevbox).

$ bigdevbox vnc -b alice
Attempting to start VNC client: ["/Applications/TigerVNC Viewer", "-SecurityTypes", "None", ""]
Manual VNC Connection Information: Password: bigdevbox
VNC port is now being forwarded via SSH. Sleeping until port forwarding or VNC client stops.


Lists BigDevBox instances in the current region. Output can be filtered to a single machine by providing the box name. Example: bigdevbox list -b alice

$ bigdevbox list            

Listing instances
Name      | Type       | Zone       | State   | IP            | InstanceId          | Market | LaunchTime 
pcorliss  | t3a.xlarge | us-east-2a | running | | i-03c3e260e390ea83f | spot   | 2020-08-31T14:26:29.000Z 
alice     | t3a.micro  | us-east-2c | stopped |               | i-03f122da5fff5ec99 | spot   | 2020-08-31T19:01:03.000Z 

List AMIs

Lists published BigDevBox AMIs in the selected region. The latest official release will automatically be selected by a create operation. This command is provided as a convenience in case a user encounters a regression and needs to use an older or experimental version.

$ bigdevbox list-amis

Listing Available AMIs
Version | Ami                   | Build Time    | Official Release 
0.99.5  | ami-071032555bb3ed957 | 20200821_1846 | true 
0.99.4  | ami-0a1db4c68efcc12ed | 20200817_2129 | true 
0.99.3  | ami-07eb627ec295c3e40 | 20200814_2016 | true 


Updates the bigdevbox binary in-place. Old binaries will be stored in the same directory with their version numbers. If the binary is in a directory that is not writable by the current user you may need to execute it with sudo.

$ sudo bigdevbox update

Updating instance
Updated bigdevbox binary

The update command automatically verifies the checksum and signature of the new binary. You may verify the new binary manually via the steps listed under the Verification Section.

Init Config

Initializes a sample configuration file under .bigdevbox/config in the user’s home directory. Most values modify their associated arguments. Be aware that while the binary takes arguments with hyphens (-) the configuration file only supports underscores (_). Uncomment lines and modify the values to suit your needs.

$ bigdevbox init config
Config successfully written to ~/.bigdevbox/config
# Sample configuration for bigdevbox

## AWS Region to launch in.
region = "us-east-2"

## Licensing Information
## Email license is registered to
account_email = ""
## 64-char hex secret token received on signup
secret = "1234567892abcdef..."

## Disk size in Gb to launch the instance with. 8Gb minimum.
disk = 32

## Instance type to launch with.
## See for more information about instance types and prices.
## Recommended types vary, t3a recommended for small workloads (offers burstable performance).
## Name        RAM         CPUs
## t3a.nano    0.5 GiB     2 vCPUs
## t3a.micro   1.0 GiB     2 vCPUs
## t3a.small   2.0 GiB     2 vCPUs
## t3a.medium  4.0 GiB     2 vCPUs
## t3a.large   8.0 GiB     2 vCPUs
## t3a.xlarge  16.0 GiB    4 vCPUs
## t3a.2xlarge 32.0 GiB    8 vCPUs
## m5 instances recommended for heavier workloads (offers consistent performance)
## Name        RAM         CPUs
## m5.large    8.0 GiB     2 vCPUs
## m5.xlarge   16.0 GiB    4 vCPUs
## m5.2xlarge  32.0 GiB    8 vCPUs
## m5.4xlarge  64.0 GiB    16 vCPUs
## m5.8xlarge  128.0 GiB   32 vCPUs
## m5.12xlarge 192.0 GiB   48 vCPUs
## m5.16xlarge 256.0 GiB   64 vCPUs
## m5.24xlarge 384.0 GiB   96 vCPUs
instance_type = "m5.large"

## Defaults to the current username
box_name = "my-box"

## Useful for automatically setting git name and email
git_name = "Alice Smith"
email = ""

## Configures personal configuration to be run on first login
dotfiles = ""

## Controls whether the ~/.ssh/config file should be modified by bigdevbox
ssh_config = true

## spot instances are 25-50% of the cost of on_demand instances.
## However on_demand instances support certain features like hibernation that may be desireable.
## Valid values are "spot" or "on_demand"
market = "spot"

## By default bigdevbox will select the most recently release ami.
## You can select an older version by manually specifying it here.
## Use `bigdevbox list_amis` to see available versions.
ami = "ami-..."

## By default bigdevbox will use the public keys under `~/.ssh/*.pub` or currently loaded in your agent. (`ssh-add -L`)
## You can specify one or more public keys here instead
ssh_keys = ["ssh-rsa AAAA...."]

## Optional Route53 ZoneID to perform DNS updates against
zone_id = "..."

## Optional vpc_id to create the instance within. If one is not specified the bigdevbox vpc for the region will be used.
## The 'bigdevbox' security group must be present within the vpc in order for an instance to boot.
## The 'bigdevbox' vpc can be created via `bigdevbox init vpc`
vpc_id = "bigdevbox"

## Amount of time in seconds the machine can be idle before it automatically stops.
## A value of '0' will result in a machine that doesn't automatically stop.
## Defaults to 4 hours or 14400 seconds.
idle_stop = 14400

## Sets whether to prefer the public or private ip address if both are present on a BigDevBox instance.
ip_address = "public"

Init IAM Role

Creates a bigdevbox-admin IAM role globally. This IAM role is required for bigdevbox instances and provides them with AWS permissions on boot.

$ bigdevbox init iam
Creating Global IAM Role
Successfully created IAM Role and policies.

Init VPC

Creates a public bigdevbox VPC role in the specified region. This VPC includes the bigdevbox security group. The default VPC or another user defined VPC can be specified via the vpc argument but it must contain a bigdevbox security group.

Be aware that this operation can take several minutes and is required for every region that you run a BigDevBox image in.

$ bigdevbox init vpc -r us-west-2
Creating VPC
VPC Creation Complete - CREATE_COMPLETE
The bigdevbox vpc is now ready to use


If you encounter an error containing The AWS Access Key Id needs a subscription for the service while initializing the vpc you may need to finish setting up or verifying your AWS account.

Image FeaturesLast updated: 2020-09-02

The BigDevBox image includes several tools and unique customizations designed to work with the binary to make software development easier.


Provides a mechanism to open ports and share running services with others via the internet. Takes a required port number (1-65535) and an optional IP or IP and subnet mask to restrict access.

$ share help

Shares access to others via services running on this BigDevBox instance

share [PORT] <>

If the user has configured a zone a DNS name will be provided in addition to the IP address.

Opens port 4000 to connections from the IP address

$ share 4000   
sudo ufw allow from to any port 4000
Rule added
Connect to this port:

Opens port 4000 to all IPs

$ share 4000     
sudo ufw allow from any to any port 4000
Rule added
Rule added (v6)
Connect to this port:

Opens port 4000 to all IPs between and

$ share 4000
sudo ufw allow from to any port 4000
Rule added
Connect to this port:

The share command leverages UFW behind the scenes. If you require a more complicated firewall setting you can execute ufw directly.


BigDevBox is designed with pairing in mind and allows multiple users to connect to and share the same machine and even the same session via tmux. All that’s required is the connecting user’s ssh key. For convenience the grant command can pull from github, use a passed in ssh key, or use a url.

$ grant help

Grants access to others users to this BigDevBox instance via ssh
by including the user's ssh key in the ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file.

grant <SSH_KEY>
grant <SSH_KEY_URL>

Grant access to the pcorliss user on github.

$ grant pcorliss
Granted Access
Connect via 'bigdevbox ssh -b pcorliss'

Grant access to the key defined in the body of any URL.

$ grant
Granted Access
Connect via 'bigdevbox ssh -b pcorliss'

Grant access to the key passed in as an argument.

$ grant ssh-rsa AAAA…
Granted Access
Connect via 'bigdevbox ssh -b pcorliss'


asdf-vm is the default tool to manage different language versions on the same machine. It contains plugins for all popular languages. You can see the full list via asdf pugin list all

By default the BigDevBox image includes the latest LTS version of several languages and tools, listed below.

$ asdf list

You can install new versions, plugins, and set the global default via asdf like so:

$ asdf plugin add python
$ asdf install python 3.8.5
$ asdf global python 3.8.5
$ asdf reshim

Be aware that asdf can sometimes have difficulty when new binaries are installed. Try asdf reshim if you’re running into issues and can’t find a binary that you would otherwise expect to be available.


While the BigDevBox image is designed to use a set of good defaults and customizations you’re likely to have your own ideas about how to make the instance more suitable for your own needs.

If provided the script will be executed on login and can be used to clone repos, install extra software, and provide customized configuration. You can see an example of a script from the sample repository below.


set -o errexit
set -o nounset
set -o pipefail

echo "Executed on first login automatically"

mkdir -p ~/git
pushd ~/git
# git clone my-project
# git clone ...
# git clone ...

# Some project specific setup may require the language version manager 'asdf' to reshim
# asdf reshim

# pushd ~/git/my-project
# bundle/yarn/cargo etc...
# popd

echo "Complete"

ZSH, tmux, vim, and git can all be customized as well by configuring the associated .local files. They’ll be symlinked to the home directory on first boot.

To get started with your own dotfiles start by forking the sample repository. Make your desired additions. Then utilize it by adding it to your configuration file or passing the respository via the dotfiles argument


BigDevBox was built with VSCode in mind. VSCode provides a fully featured multi-language IDE and the ability to work with code bases hosted on and executing on remote ssh hosts.

Developing with VSCode

  1. Create a BigDevBox Instance
  2. Install the Remote - SSH Pack in VSCode.
  3. F1 -> "Remote-SSH: Connect to Host..."
  4. Select “bigdevbox-<your_user_name>” from the list.
  5. Use the file explorer to find your repository or clone a new one and start working.

AWSLast updated: 2020-09-02

Amazon Web Services provides on-demand cloud-computing resources. BigDevBox leverages AWS and your account to host development environments. See the information below for details on working with AWS.


BigDevBox currently supports all US regions. Other regions can be added as needed, please contact support if you'd like a region to be supported that's not listed below.

RegionLocationBigDevBox Ready
us-east-2US East (Ohio)
us-east-1US East (N. Virginia)
us-west-1US West (N. California)
us-west-2US West (Oregon)
af-south-1Africa (Cape Town)
ap-east-1Asia Pacific (Hong Kong)
ap-south-1Asia Pacific (Mumbai)
ap-northeast-3Asia Pacific (Osaka-Local)
ap-northeast-2Asia Pacific (Seoul)
ap-southeast-1Asia Pacific (Singapore)
ap-southeast-2Asia Pacific (Sydney)
ap-northeast-1Asia Pacific (Tokyo)
ca-central-1Canada (Central)
eu-central-1Europe (Frankfurt)
eu-west-1Europe (Ireland)
eu-west-2Europe (London)
eu-south-1Europe (Milan)
eu-west-3Europe (Paris)
eu-north-1Europe (Stockholm)
me-south-1Middle East (Bahrain)
sa-east-1South America (São Paulo)

Instance Types

AWS offers multiple instance types with varying amounts of CPUs and Memory. By default the bigdevbox binary provisions m5.large instances. General purpose machines with 2 vCPUs and 8Gb of RAM. However you can choose any type amongst the T3, M5, R5, and C5 instance types as long as it relies on an EBS volume. See the table below for supported types.

Because the workload for development machines are often variable we recommend a the t3a instance type. These instances provide burstable CPU at a significant cost-savings compared to m5 instances. Be aware that burstable instances can run out of CPU credits. So are not the default instance type compared to the M5 type.


Prices are for on-demand us-east-1 and may differ between regions. See for detailed pricing and type info.


Prices do not include EBS volume cost. ($0.10 per GB-month of provisioned storage.)

TypeDescriptionMemoryvCPUsHourly Cost
t3.nanoBurstable Intel CPUs0.5 GiB2 vCPUs$0.005200/hr
t3.microBurstable Intel CPUs1.0 GiB2 vCPUs$0.010400/hr
t3.smallBurstable Intel CPUs2.0 GiB2 vCPUs$0.020800/hr
t3.mediumBurstable Intel CPUs4.0 GiB2 vCPUs$0.041600/hr
t3.largeBurstable Intel CPUs8.0 GiB2 vCPUs$0.083200/hr
t3.xlargeBurstable Intel CPUs16.0 GiB4 vCPUs$0.166400/hr
t3.2xlargeBurstable Intel CPUs32.0 GiB8 vCPUs$0.332800/hr
t3a.nanoBurstable AMD CPUs0.5 GiB2 vCPUs$0.004700/hr
t3a.microBurstable AMD CPUs1.0 GiB2 vCPUs$0.009400/hr
t3a.smallBurstable AMD CPUs2.0 GiB2 vCPUs$0.018800/hr
t3a.mediumBurstable AMD CPUs4.0 GiB2 vCPUs$0.037600/hr
t3a.largeBurstable AMD CPUs8.0 GiB2 vCPUs$0.075200/hr
t3a.xlargeBurstable AMD CPUs16.0 GiB4 vCPUs$0.150400/hr
t3a.2xlargeBurstable AMD CPUs32.0 GiB8 vCPUs$0.300800/hr
m5.largeGeneral Purpose Intel CPUs8.0 GiB2 vCPUs$0.096000/hr
m5.xlargeGeneral Purpose Intel CPUs16.0 GiB4 vCPUs$0.192000/hr
m5.2xlargeGeneral Purpose Intel CPUs32.0 GiB8 vCPUs$0.384000/hr
m5.4xlargeGeneral Purpose Intel CPUs64.0 GiB16 vCPUs$0.768000/hr
m5.8xlargeGeneral Purpose Intel CPUs128.0 GiB32 vCPUs$1.536000/hr
m5.12xlargeGeneral Purpose Intel CPUs192.0 GiB48 vCPUs$2.304000/hr
m5.16xlargeGeneral Purpose Intel CPUs256.0 GiB64 vCPUs$3.072000/hr
m5.24xlargeGeneral Purpose Intel CPUs384.0 GiB96 vCPUs$4.608000/hr
m5a.largeGeneral Purpose AMD CPUs8.0 GiB2 vCPUs$0.086000/hr
m5a.xlargeGeneral Purpose AMD CPUs16.0 GiB4 vCPUs$0.172000/hr
m5a.2xlargeGeneral Purpose AMD CPUs32.0 GiB8 vCPUs$0.344000/hr
m5a.4xlargeGeneral Purpose AMD CPUs64.0 GiB16 vCPUs$0.688000/hr
m5a.8xlargeGeneral Purpose AMD CPUs128.0 GiB32 vCPUs$1.376000/hr
m5a.12xlargeGeneral Purpose AMD CPUs192.0 GiB48 vCPUs$2.064000/hr
m5a.16xlargeGeneral Purpose AMD CPUs256.0 GiB64 vCPUs$2.752000/hr
m5a.24xlargeGeneral Purpose AMD CPUs384.0 GiB96 vCPUs$4.128000/hr
c5.largeCompute Optimized Intel CPUs4.0 GiB2 vCPUs$0.085000/hr
c5.xlargeCompute Optimized Intel CPUs8.0 GiB4 vCPUs$0.170000/hr
c5.2xlargeCompute Optimized Intel CPUs16.0 GiB8 vCPUs$0.340000/hr
c5.4xlargeCompute Optimized Intel CPUs32.0 GiB16 vCPUs$0.680000/hr
c5.9xlargeCompute Optimized Intel CPUs72.0 GiB36 vCPUs$1.530000/hr
c5.12xlargeCompute Optimized Intel CPUs96.0 GiB48 vCPUs$2.040000/hr
c5.18xlargeCompute Optimized Intel CPUs144.0 GiB72 vCPUs$3.060000/hr
c5.24xlargeCompute Optimized Intel CPUs192.0 GiB96 vCPUs$4.080000/hr
c5a.largeCompute Optimized AMD CPUs4.0 GiB2 vCPUs$0.077000/hr
c5a.xlargeCompute Optimized AMD CPUs8.0 GiB4 vCPUs$0.154000/hr
c5a.2xlargeCompute Optimized AMD CPUs16.0 GiB8 vCPUs$0.308000/hr
c5a.4xlargeCompute Optimized AMD CPUs32.0 GiB16 vCPUs$0.616000/hr
c5a.8xlargeCompute Optimized AMD CPUs64.0 GiB32 vCPUs$1.232000/hr
c5a.12xlargeCompute Optimized AMD CPUs96.0 GiB48 vCPUs$1.848000/hr
c5a.16xlargeCompute Optimized AMD CPUs128.0 GiB64 vCPUs$2.464000/hr
c5a.24xlargeCompute Optimized AMD CPUs192.0 GiB96 vCPUs$3.696000/hr
r5.largeMemory Optimized Intel CPUs16.0 GiB2 vCPUs$0.126000/hr
r5.xlargeMemory Optimized Intel CPUs32.0 GiB4 vCPUs$0.252000/hr
r5.2xlargeMemory Optimized Intel CPUs64.0 GiB8 vCPUs$0.504000/hr
r5.4xlargeMemory Optimized Intel CPUs128.0 GiB16 vCPUs$1.008000/hr
r5.8xlargeMemory Optimized Intel CPUs256.0 GiB32 vCPUs$2.016000/hr
r5.12xlargeMemory Optimized Intel CPUs384.0 GiB48 vCPUs$3.024000/hr
r5.16xlargeMemory Optimized Intel CPUs512.0 GiB64 vCPUs$4.032000/hr
r5.24xlargeMemory Optimized Intel CPUs768.0 GiB96 vCPUs$6.048000/hr
r5a.largeMemory Optimized AMD CPUs16.0 GiB2 vCPUs$0.113000/hr
r5a.xlargeMemory Optimized AMD CPUs32.0 GiB4 vCPUs$0.226000/hr
r5a.2xlargeMemory Optimized AMD CPUs64.0 GiB8 vCPUs$0.452000/hr
r5a.4xlargeMemory Optimized AMD CPUs128.0 GiB16 vCPUs$0.904000/hr
r5a.8xlargeMemory Optimized AMD CPUs256.0 GiB32 vCPUs$1.808000/hr
r5a.12xlargeMemory Optimized AMD CPUs384.0 GiB48 vCPUs$2.712000/hr
r5a.16xlargeMemory Optimized AMD CPUs512.0 GiB64 vCPUs$3.616000/hr
r5a.24xlargeMemory Optimized AMD CPUs768.0 GiB96 vCPUs$5.424000/hr

SecurityLast updated: 2020-09-02

We take your organization's security seriously and want to be as transparent as possible about how BigDevBox works and the efforts we go to to ensure that your data stays secure. See below for more details and if you have questions please don't hesitate to reach out to Support.


All BigDevBox images are launced and run within your organization's AWS account and are not accessible by others or by BigDevBox.

Images launched have a firewall on by default which exposes port 22 for SSH and ICMP for network troubleshooting. Users can open up ports to others via the Share Command but caution should be taken to restrict access to authorized IPs or host non-sensitive material.

Outbound Calls

BigDevBox Client

The client makes most of its outbound network calls to AWS to perform operations on BigDevBox instances that your organization controls. AWS calls are made using AWS credentials provided by you and go directly to AWS. The calls and are not visible or logged by BigDevBox services.

The client also makes a HTTPS call when executed to look for available updates. The information available in these logs contains the IP address of the client but no other identifying information.

BigDevBox Image

The image also makes several outbound networking calls to check for updates, pull tags, as well as user configured and executed outbound calls. These calls occur within your AWS account and are not visible or logged by BigDevBox services.

In the future the image may make calls to a BigDevBox server to ensure the image is properly licensed.

Public Key


-----END PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK-----            

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