Cloud Based Dev Environments

Designed for teams who want a powerful and flexible development environment. BigDevBox is the easy way to collaborate between team members.

Made for Developers

Features Engineers Will
Uniform Environments

Each BigDevBox instance is identical and includes pre-installed libraries and compilation tools. New developers can get their development environment started in minutes instead of hours.

Powerful Workstations

Run your full code base on a BigDevBox instance and develop from VSCode or the terminal on your laptop. You can provision up to 768 GB of RAM, 96 vCPUs, and 16 Tb of Disk.

Pennies Per Hour

Cost is critical to you and your business. BigDevBox instances are built to take advantage of spot-pricing and include features to stop automatically if left idle.


First class support for VSCode allows you to continue to use your favorite IDE. You can write code on your laptop and execute and debug your code remotely without touching the command line.

Vim & Tmux

Pre-configured defaults allow you to start developing right away. Overrides via dotfiles available to customize to your hearts content.

Zero Cloud Configuration

We've done the hard work for you. No extra tweaking or configuration required to start using BigDevBox with your existing AWS account.


Built with pairing in mind. Grant access to your tmux sessions for team members and pair remotely with ease.


Share your work with your coworkers securely with just a single command.


Dotfiles and scripts allow you to customize your BigDevBox instance and preferences.

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